The company Christos Karakitsos is located in Stavros of Thessaloniki, in the northern part of Greece …

The best products at best price

Stable combustion, odorless

Environmentally friendly with very little ash residue


Natural product

Welcome to Proton Carbon


Our business started with the production of vegetable charcoal for barbecues and in recent years has imported South American vegetable carbon and sawdust briquettes from Malaysia. Our products are world-famous for their quality. They have a constant burning, odorless, environmentally friendly, with very little ash residue. Because of all these advantages, our products are among the most competitive in the market. The main purpose of our business is to offer our customers the best products at the most competitive market prices.


Cooperating companies

Our products are trusted by major supermarket chains such as LIDL and Masoutis, as well as the largest coal distributors in Greece.